HP 200: A herbal drug for treatment of Parkinson´s disease

Manyam BV, Parikh KM.

Parkinson´s Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Springfield, Illinois, USA

HP-200 is a herbal drug developed from Mucuna pruriens beans. It has been used in the treatment of Parkinson´s disease in Indian Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times. For the past 7 years Mucuna pruriens has been re-evaluated for its safety and efficacy in the treatment of Parkinson´s disease using modern scientific methods of drug development. Mucuna pruriens was found to contain not only levodopa, but other compounds that may be effective in treating the disease. Its effectiveness was reinforced in an animal model and in a multicentre clinical trial involving 60 patients. The safety of HP-200 was tested by administering three different doses of the drug to rats and rabbits for up to one year. No toxic effects on various tissues of the body including the brain, heart, liver, etc, were seen. HP-200, therefore seems to be a safe and effective treatment for Parkinson´s disease. HP-200 is currently marketed only in India.

Parkinson Magazine, 1997; 8:10-11


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